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The Sacramento Helvetia
Verein's Monthly Meetings

MEMBER MEETINGS:  First Wednesday of Every Month
(excluding July)

WHERE?  We meet at the Turn Verein Hall
3349 J Street,  
Sacramento/2nd floor

TIME: 6:45 PM arrival, 7 PM board meeting, 8 PM
light dinner.

OTHER EVENTS: Visit the calendar page throughout
the year for current upcoming events.

April 2 Meeting Speakers -
for details

Calender of Events  
Sacramento's Monthly Men's and
Women's Swiss Heritage Club

Founding of the Sacramento Helvetia Verein on
March 1, 1892.

    Three able, strong and healthy men with
    names:  Johann Schärer from the  
    canton Aargau;  Albert Bürgi from the
    canton Aargau; Karl Schilter from the
    canton Schwyz. They took the courage to
    gather signatures to establish a Swiss Club in
    Sacramento.  It took much effort and honor
    to find 20-30 signatures,which agreed to
    found a Verein.

    We are thankful, that these three Swiss,
    accomplished the founding of a club.
    Thereafter every registered candidate, was
    notified to have a small meeting on March
    13, 1892 at Ebner’s Hotel to discuss any
    further business.

    LADIES' SOCIETY 1922 - 2011

    1922, May 11th the Swiss Ladies' Society
    officially opened their first meeting, to
    cultivate friendship and sociability and to
    strengthen the appreciation of Swiss
    heritage in Sacramento.  When the men and
    women's clubs merged, the society dissolved
    on December 7, 2011 when the Ladies held
    their last meeting at the Turn Verein Hall
    and joined the men for the first official Men's
    AND Women's Helvetia Verein Meeting.
See the president's contact information and all 2014-2016 officers and
volunteers by visiting the "ABOUT US" tab above -
(or click here).
Sacramento Helvetia Verein
Founded in 1892
Contact ~
President's Message

For those in the Sacramento
area with roots in
Switzerland, I invite you to
join us for one of our
events.  Hopefully you will
find the company to your
liking and will become a
We keep our ties to Switzerland current and alive
by offering monthly membership meetings and
events throughout the year which will enrich our
association with our ancestry.  

Please feel free to contact me personally or
review the membership page and we'll make
sure to help you on your way.

One of my goals as president this year is to
encourage our current members to "pitch-in" and
help.   Volunteering can be a very rewarding and
enriching experience. It’s also a great way to
further our cause, develop new skills and meet
people. More importantly, it can make a major
difference in the future of our club.  

Volunteers are irreplaceable assets. I encourage
each member to look at themselves and ask
what they can do to help. This is our club, we can
each make a difference.

Merci vielmal,
Bob Blattler
Swiss People in Sacramento

People from Switzerland living in

Sacramento Swiss   Sacramento
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