Swiss People in Sacramento

People from Switzerland living in

Sacramento Swiss   Sacramento
                   Sacramento Helvetia Verein
                           Founded in 1892
Swiss People in Sacramento

People from Switzerland living in

Sacramento Swiss   Sacramento

The Sacramento Helvetia
Verein's Monthly Meetings

First Wednesday of Every Month
(excluding February when we meet on Saturday - see
calendar; and in July we do not hold a meeting at all)

WHERE?  We meet at the Turn Verein Hall
3349 J Street,  
Sacramento/2nd floor

TIME: 6:45 PM arrival, 7 PM board meeting,
8 PM light dinner.

OTHER EVENTS: Visit the calendar page throughout
the year for current upcoming events.

Please Visit our Calendar Page
Calender of Events  
Sacramento's Monthly Men's and Women's Swiss Heritage Club

Founding of the Sacramento Helvetia Verein on
March 1, 1892.

    Three able, strong and healthy men with
    names:  Johann Schärer from the  
    canton Aargau;  Albert Bürgi from the
    canton Aargau; Karl Schilter from the
    canton Schwyz. They took the courage to
    gather signatures to establish a Swiss
    Club in Sacramento.  It took much effort
    and honor to find 20-30 signatures,which
    agreed to found a Verein.

    We are thankful, that these three Swiss,
    accomplished the founding of a club.
    Thereafter every registered candidate,
    was notified to have a small meeting on
    March 13, 1892 at Ebner’s Hotel to
    discuss any further business.

    LADIES' SOCIETY 1922 - 2011

    1922, May 11th the Swiss Ladies' Society
    officially opened their first meeting, to
    cultivate friendship and sociability and to
    strengthen the appreciation of Swiss
    heritage in Sacramento.  When the men
    and women's clubs merged, the society
    dissolved on December 7, 2011 when the
    Ladies held their last meeting at the Turn
    Verein Hall and joined the men for the
    first official Men's AND Women's Helvetia
    Verein Meeting.
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President's  Message

We just finished our Annual General
Meeting and what a nice big crowd we
had!  I appreciate all of our members
for the support.

We took care of a lot of business today,
voted to changed one of our bylaws
(see below) and said goodbye to some
of our leadership after years of service.  
Louie Muller, Bob Achermann, Ernie
Gudel and Kathy Omlin have retired
from their posts, although all of them
will remain active members.  It has
been my honor to work with all of you
and on behalf of the entire membership,
thank you for your service!
We also installed the new 2015 leadership today!  I remain president for one
more year and it is my pleasure to introduce:

And today, before we were served a wonderful lunch prepared by Paul Kiser
and John Sweat, we had five new Social Members join the Sacramento
Helvetia Verein!  Welcome Aboard!

Our membership continues to grow and that is what our club needs to
survive. Please continue to encourage all those you know with roots in
Switzerland to become members.  There is an application here on our website
(Contact/Membership) that makes it very easy to apply.

Members voted today to allow those new members applying for Social
Membership to do so in absentia. Therefore if you know anyone who lives
outside our area, but would like to support and keep involved in what is
happening here at the SHV, please let them know that they can do so without
attending.  Once the application fee and annual dues are paid in full, they will
receive a welcome packet followed by Email Blasts, our
Yodeler Newsletters
Facebook updates, annually.

I look forward to a busy year ahead, check out the Calendar Page for
updates and I hope to see you at the next meeting.

If you have any concerns, questions, recommendations - - - please don't
hesitate to contact me!  Visit "About Us" for contact information.

      Merci vilmal  
      Bob Blattler, President
      Sacramento Helvetia Verein

Please visit "About Us" to see who to contact about joining one of our club's
volunteer committees.  They only meet about 2 or 3 times a year but they
are very important to our club and we need more members to participate.  
Vice President...........  
Recording Secretary..  
Financial Secretary....
Trustees ..................
Erick Duringer
Karleen Darr
Sandra Wipfli
Gabriela Wackerli
Barbara Blattler
Annaliese Kaelin
Martha Friedrich
Marta Allegrini